Our company

Gradablind with a totally innovative philosophy has orientated his investigations in giving solutions that contribute value to his clients. Generally a shutter contributes an aesthetic and functional value to their customer, gradablind revolutionizes the market contributing safety, without losing any of the principal values.

 Gradablind is the only company with a PATENT PRODUCT that reaches, design, functionality and safety in an alone product of the sector.

 Thanks to the years of experience and a strong investment in the product development, we have managed to give response to customer  who refuse to turn his houses into cages of iron without light. Gradablind is a company with tradition in the putting in march of processes and innovative ideas in the field of the carpentry.

His business career and crafts, that began years ago, has taken him to the development of the innovative system of safety windows of Gradablind.

 Nowadays, Gradablind initiates a process of unstoppable expansion in the wholeSpain, across dealers and of companies of metallic carpentry.