Different Finishes, Security at different prices.


 A shutter is a small door built outside the window with hinges that have similar functions to the blind: it prevents the passage of light or heat and to protect the window.



    • The shutter will make first line of defense against the weather and possible noisy environment. Also protect a possible interior carpentry of wood, varnish or face-to-finish paints.
    • A wind brake, making it impossible for the air inlet hole through which collects above the blind to the drawer or splayed, and inside this housing, the hollow output tape of the blind or other imbalances the same drawer.
    • Placement of double glazing is essential to avoid condensation on the aluminum.
    • The shutters give us great advantages and benefits in a home. Thanks to them we decrease noise pollution within the home, avoid further theft, and maintain better indoor temperature.

There are many models of shutters, but the latest trends are shaping the aluminum shutters.

Many years ago wooden shutters were just, and also gave a great result but now manufactured in aluminum imitating any texture you want, such as wood.

The big difference from the previous models is that they can regulate the light completely from not let pass any shred of sunlight or pass altogether. And another advantage is maintenance. The wooden shutters to be exposed to the outside always suffer sudden temperature changes, rain, hail, direct sunlight etc. sometimes, causing the paint and the wood will deteriorate. GRADABLIND shutters, being made of aluminum we avoid any possible maintenance. They are specially designed for cleaning and maintenance is fácill and comfortable.

Without losing our core values of safety, aesthetic and design, we have created three types of finishes to offer safety and security without compromising design and economics. We are sure that the funcionality and strenght of our product, saving is significant compared to other options.