Hinged || Tradition and Aesthetic

Our  hinged shutters are made with adjustable edge profiles. They are durable, aesthetic and highly functional and are composed of one or more sheets, practicable by rotation about a lateral axis attached to the frame, which allows us to fully open the hole.
The slats opening system allows  regulate the entry of natural light even a blackout, and the unique system GRADABLIND safely and security help keep the louvers open to have the absolute certainty that these blades can not be forced to get into the house.
Available in any finish offer a total guarantee of high durability with low maintenance thanks to its steel structure in extruded aluminum.

 The hinged shutters are a key element in those houses for aesthetic reasons do not support any other type of darkening the rooms.

If we install hinged shutters we are sure  for the possibility of partially darken the room by means of practical mechanisms regulating the entry of outside light as blackout thanks to the design of the slat where the bond between them prevents the entry of light and air . Also this type of shutters allow us to open for full ventilation our rooms.

They are useful, and decorative allowing installation in any type of facade, either modern or rustic.

The aluminum hinged shutters fully support humidity and sudden temperature changes, so are preferable to the wooden shutters, iron or PVC